About Me

Jean-Francois Desormeaux is a dynamic entrepreneur, with very relevant experience in the field of representation as well as management. Its strengths lie in sales, market development, and the evaluation of business opportunities. Having a very structured approach to a project by optimizing all the right elements to bring its projects to great success.

Passionate about real estate, Jean-François Desormeaux began his career in real estate at the age of 22 by creating his first construction company. Very quickly, his passion for real estate and his fervor for construction made him a respected real estate project manager.

In 2008, Jean-François founded a company that specializes in short-term private mortgages. Jean-François has participated in several construction projects of different sizes. He has also perfected his knowledge of financial structuring and risk and potential assessment.

Following the completion of numerous real estate development projects, Jean-François decided in 2014 to focus solely on multi-residential and commercial real estate development. His ability to find, for multi-residential, the land offers the greatest capacity for success both in terms of popularity of the locations but especially the very favorable rental yield or resale while creating a very considerable added value.

He is also very involved in the acquisition of multi-residential buildings for renovation purposes. His team has very in-depth knowledge of maintenance costs, renovation budget, management of professionals (to ensure compliance with deadlines), and the study of the profitability of the project. Its rental team provides support to new tenants from the first visit, at the signing until the handing over of the keys.

Jean-François does not stop at real estate, his creative spirit and his desire for market development undoubtedly reserve you, beautiful surprises but especially new concept ideas.