About James Feldkamp

James Feldkamp is a Lead Consultant for Intelligence & Counterterrorism at Complete Threat Preparedness, a company comprised of Emergency Management, Public Safety, Self-Defense, Survival, Construction, and Intelligence & Military Special Operations professionals. James Feldkamp and his colleagues train and consult individuals and organizations, both in the public and private sector, on safety, security, and protection against natural and man-made hazards.

James Feldkamp has over 20 years of experience in international security and foreign policy initiatives, serving the federal government and the military. With his expertise on international security and foreign policy initiatives, he has:

  • Led successful international outreach and coordination initiatives to improve maritime domain awareness and maritime security
  • Over ten years of experience in teaching at the university level on matters related to international security, terrorism, counter-terrorism, and trans-national crimes
  • A successful track record of leading capacity-building initiatives to improve intra-agency communications which are relevant to global issues
  • Given talks on global security on terrorism and counter-terrorism as guest speaker at over 25 major international conferences and symposia

James Feldkamp skills and core competencies:

  • International Affairs/Strategic Planning
  • Terrorism/Counter-terrorism
  • Countering Violent Extremism
  • Outreach & Coordination
  • Foreign Policy and Global Security
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Inter-Agency Communications

James Feldkamp career summary

Lead Consultant – Intelligence &Counterterrorism
Complete Threat Preparedness
August 2017 – Present

JLF Solutions
Jan 2013 – Present

Adjunct Professor
Henley-Putnam, George Washington and George Mason Universities
August 2008 – Present

Outreach, Maritime Domain Integration Branch
National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
October 2010 – December 2012

Branch Head for Outreach and Coordination Division
Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness (OGMSA) Washington, DC
October 2007 – September 2010

James Feldkamp educational background

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy
Special Agent (1811), International Terrorism, Foreign Counter-Intelligence (FCI)
1999 – 2004

The Catholic University of America
Master of Arts (MA), International Affairs
1996 – 1998

U.S. Naval War College
Diploma, Strategic Planning and Operations
1994 – 1996

Oregon State University
BS in Business
1983 – 1986

Linfield College
AA, Associates Degree
1981 – 1983